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The Nursing Bed


I have had more than a few requests for a larger, taller bed that can
be used for nursing mothers and their babies. So, I created "The Nursing Bed"! It is 20" round, 4 1/2"-5" tall, with 2 matching removable, washable, waterproof liners. (Additional liners may be purchased separately.)


The Nursing bed is extra sturdy to support "Mumma" as she enters
and exits the bed. 


Patterns of the Nursing Bed Liners will vary.


Additional colors are available upon request.
Please contact me with questions/color requests. 


Nursing Beds (including 2 waterproof, removable, washable  liners are $130, plus tax and shipping.) Additional pricing Information can be found under my "Bed Sizes & Info" tab. 

Nursing Bed Colors:
To order a Nursing Bed, please click on the color you'd like, and choose "Nursing Bed" from
the "select" drop down menu.