Auntie Kim's Cat Beds:

Auntie Kim's Cat Beds made by using up to six individual strands of yarn at once,
making them incredibly thick and sturdy.


All of Auntie Kim's Beds are made of 100% yarn and are available in three sizes:

Small: 12"-13" round*

Medium: 15"-16" round*

Large: 18"-19"round*

*All sizes are approximate. The size can fluctuate slightly due to the varying thicknesses of different types of yarn.
Auntie Kim's Cat Beds may be up to a full inch larger than the sizes stated.



(Prices effective March 17, 2020)


Small: $39.50

Medium: $59.50 

Large: $84.50

(plus tax)

All items are lovingly made to order. Generally, orders are completed within
2-3 weeks, but during times of high volume, please allow 4-6 weeks for your beds to be created. 

Please note: any order that is cancelled by the purchaser after it has been paid through Paypal,
will be be charged the Paypal cancellation fee of 3%.
We respectfully reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.