Cat Beds
I am constantly updating my colors, so please check back often.

Please note that all of my beds are available with or without a colored trim.

The "Limited Color" flag means that yarn supplies for these colors are running low and are close to being discontinued.


Blankets & Crate Mats
Auntie Kim's Cat Bankets and Mats are a very cuddly!
Mats are 1/2"-3/4" thick, and will not deflate like a foam or fiberfill mat.
They fit into most popular Show Cages and crates. Blankets and Mats are
available in most of the same colors that I offer for my Cat Beds.

Please note: when choosing a color for your cat blanket or mat, if the cat bed pictured has a furry trim on the top edge, the mat will be the color of the main body of the bed...the blanket or mat will not include the furry trim.

As with all of my creations, all of my blankets and mats are washable.
They're great to place on couches, chairs and in front of cozy fireplaces as well (to keep kitty off of the furniture!). 

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Plum Poof.jpg