The Story of "Auntie Kim"

Auntie Kim's Cat Beds came
to be thanks to a dear friend. Unfortunately, her beautiful, much loved Ragdoll cat died due to a botched C-Section. Wanting to comfort my friend, and the six babies she now had to care for, I made her a kitten bed. That first version of my kitten beds turned into version number two, and that turned into version number three...etc. until I perfected my pattern into what it is today. I am now the official supplier of cat beds for Willetteragdol.


Every one of my cat beds and kitten beds is made with love. They are nice and thick, due to the amount of yarn I use for each bed, and the sides are very sturdy. The sides of my beds do not fold in on themselves like most cat beds do. They take me about 3 days to complete, depending on the size ordered and the current length of my wait list. They are machine washable and are the softest, cuddliest beds you'll ever see! Time and again, I hear from customers, "These beds are CAT MAGNETS!"...and indeed, they are!